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Dimensions of Leadership Profile®

Collapsing organizational hierarchies and increasing workforce
diversity has dramatically altered our understanding of leadership.
Leadership is no longer seen as one defining role atop the business
pyramid, but as a relationship between leaders and followers.

Today, leaders come in many varieties, from charismatic visionaries
to quiet team players. Leadership is understood in its multiple
dimensions, with leaders and followers interchanging roles as the
situation demands.
Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.

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Dimensions of Leadership Profile
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Expand Your Definition of Leadership
In a successful organization, leaders can be found at every level — from the boardroom to the mailroom,
from the chairman's office to the customer-service desk. This is particularly true in organizations that have
given up elaborate hierarchies in favor of a team-oriented approach to leadership and management.
Leadership is also important in Total Quality Management and is one of the evaluation criteria for the
Malcolm Baldrige quality award.

Discover the 12 Dimensions of Leadership
The Dimensions of Leadership Profile allows learners to explore leadership from one of three points of
view: self as leader, another person as leader, or the need for leadership. The profile then guides
learners in their personal assessment of four broad aspects of leadership: Character, Analysis,
Accomplishment, and Interaction. Finally, learners determine how they view 12 specific Dimensions of

Develop Leaders at All Levels of Your Organization
Organizations use the Dimensions of Leadership Profile to help people:

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile Facilitator's Kit includes:
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