Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.
Increasing Sales Through Adaptability

Gain the competitive advantage of DiSC® and improve the
effectiveness of every member of your sales team. DiSC Sales
Strategies helps both new and experienced salespeople:

Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.

At Excel Training and Development
Increase Sales Performance and Profitability
DiSC® Sales Strategies can be used as a standalone program or as an addition to your current sales training to
help professionals:

Flexible Format Adapts to Meet Your Needs
This six-module workshop can be facilitated in either two consecutive days or in one day with additional sessions
scheduled over a period of time.

Module 1: Increasing Sales through Adaptability
Explore the benefits of adaptability
Module 2:The Influence of Styles on Selling and Buying
Apply DiSC strategies to selling and buying
Module 3:Identifying Your Customer's Style
Learn how to identify different DiSC styles
Module 4:DiSC Sales Strategies for Adapting to Your Customer
Discover how to make customers feel comfortable
Module 5:Practicing Adaptability: One-on-One Selling
Find out which techniques work best
Module 6:Practicing Adaptability: Letters and Group Selling
Increase your adaptability in special situations

Comprehensive Sales Training in One Easy-To-Use Program
DiSC Sales Strategies program materials offer everything your sales team needs to create trusting,
collaborative, and mutually profitable customer relationships.

The DiSC Sales Strategies Participant's Manual is a three-ring binder containing 140 pages of information,
worksheets, discussion questions, exercises, and a certificate of completion.