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Discovering Diversity Profile®

Our increasingly diverse society is reflected in growing workforce
diversity. Leading organizations acknowledge that working
successfully with others who don't share the same background,
beliefs, or traditions is a top priority in today's workplace.

Employees need help in assessing their behavior toward people
who are different from themselves. And they must understand the
benefits of changing negative attitudes and resistance into
appreciation and cooperation.
Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.

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Discovering Diversity Profile
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Help People Capitalize on Differences
As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse workforce continues, organizations know they must help all workers
understand, accept, and capitalize on differences. They know the cultural backgrounds and experiences of
diverse employees and customers can enrich the organization, making it more innovative and globally
competitive. But realizing the benefits of diversity means meeting the diversity challenge through self-
awareness, understanding, and commitment. That commitment must begin at the top. Leaders who truly
value diversity want more than compliance. And they know commitment to diversity grows only as self-
awareness and personal accountability flourish within the organization.

Discover Your Comfort Level
The Discovering Diversity Profile guides learners through a confidential interpretation process that identifies
their present attitudes about workforce diversity. They quickly assess their level of comfort — or discomfort —
with differences by using a simple feedback grid that corresponds to the four diversity areas. Current feelings,
opinions, knowledge, and skills are pinpointed. The impact of individual comfort level on workplace
effectiveness is clarified, and specific suggestions for improving individual understanding of diverse groups
are offered.

Gain Insight, Take Action, Value Diversity
The Discovering Diversity Profile helps individuals in an organization: