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Managing People, Process, and Performance

DiSC® Management Strategies offers practical new methods for
effectively managing behavioral differences in today's fast-paced
work environment. This flexible, easily integrated program has
been shown to enhance individual and team performance by
improving communication, reducing conflict, and increasing
Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.

At Excel Training and Development
Boost Management Effectiveness
DiSC® Management Strategies can be used as a standalone program or as an addition to your current
management or team training to help individuals:
Flexible Format Adapts to Meet User Needs
DiSC Management Strategies is a four-part workshop that can be facilitated in two consecutive days or in four
separate sessions.

Module 1:Managing Self

Module 2:Managing Others

Module 3:Managing the Job

Module 4:Managing Performance

Comprehensive Management Training in One Easy-to-Use Program,
DiSC Management Strategies program materials offer everything managers need to manage job performance.

The DiSC Management Strategies Participant's Manual is a three-ring binder containing 171 pages of information,
worksheets, action plans, case studies, discussion questions, and a certificate of completion.

The DiSC Management Strategies Trainer's Kit includes a Facilitator's Manual with complete scripts for each
module, a set of overhead transparency masters, a video of skill-building vignettes, and a Participant's Manual.
DiSC Management Strategies  

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