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DiSC ® Indra

In today's streamlined, collaborative organizations, strong relationships yield
enhanced creativity, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and reduced
conflict. DiSC® Indra® is an easy-to-use learning tool that helps people understand
and improve workplace relationships. Indra's unique ability to map and measure the
relationships of people makes it ideal for a range of workplace applications, including:

Available exclusively online via the EPIC platform, Indra offers unprecedented
flexibility and control in delivering cutting-edge DiSC learning.
Steve Gomez Consulting
and Leadership Development, LLC.

At Excel Training and Development
Create New Levels of Understanding
DiSC Indra’s innovative model brings DiSC learning and understanding to the next level — that of the relationship
itself. It maps and measures the relationships of people, providing individuals and groups with feedback
concerning the interrelatedness of different DiSC styles. DiSC Indra is designed to highlight areas of compatibility
and incompatibility, pinpointing individuals’ differences and providing insight about how to work together more

Take DiSC Learning Farther
For nearly 30 years, people and organizations have used DiSC to learn more about themselves and the impact of
their behavior on others. The DiSC model explores four primary behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence,
Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. DiSC Indra represents the integration of DiSC with the concepts and
methods of interpersonal psychology. The result is a mathematically precise model that helps people measure
and explore the interpersonal dynamics of their relationships. Using a highly developed psychometric model
called a circumplex, DiSC Indra explains the interconnectedness of the styles and provides concrete, accurate
feedback about how individuals with different styles interact.

Detailed Reports Provide Three Levels of Interpretation
DiSC Indra’s feedback reports provide insight on individuals, dyads (pairs), and groups. Explore the compatibility
of specific people, teams, committees, departments — even the entire organization. Understanding which styles
work best together, which can be effective, and which can hinder the group will maximize effectiveness and create
synergistic environments.

Enhanced Applications
DiSC Indra is designed to be used in any setting where interpersonal effectiveness is key to the success of
individuals and teams. Organizations use it in a variety of applications, including the following: